7021 Wyandotte St. E. Windsor, ON N8S 1R1
Sandy's Riverside Grill

Sandy's Riverside Grill - restaurant in Windsor

About Us

Experienced restaurant owner!

Sandy Limoges

Sandy has many years of experience in the food and beverage industry and makes friends with ease. She loves to share  her stories, good food and fine wine.

Owner of restaurants and food taster

Rick Limoges

Banker. Politician. Businessman. Author. Now our official taste tester! In exchange he takes care of the books and anything that breaks.

Over 10 years of restaurant experience


Gerry enjoys golfing, chatting and hugging women. In any order. He also enjoys working at Sandy's which allows him to do all three.

Life of restaurant experience


Alvin has spent much of his life in hospitality, he is an amazing cook and loves to serve our customers with a smile and a weird sense of humour!

Serving in restaurants all her life


First comes family next all her friends at Sandy's. Pinky loves people and sharing good times with all who enter.

Cooking in restaurants for decades


Carol cares. She works hard and puts love into every meal she prepares. She cooks, she cleans, she organizes, like we said, she cares.

About Us

Kevin pouring cold beer. Decades of restaurant experience.


Kevin has a lifetime of hospitality experience across Canada. He is professional and yet lots of fun!

Fine restaurant cook with a heart of gold.


 Doug returned to Windsor several years ago to care for his Mom and his son. He is a great cook and a caring person and has been with us ever since. 

Great cook in 2 great restaurants


Adam is a student that has been working in the kitchen at River's Edge and recently joined our staff at Sandy's as well.

About Us

Restaurants need fresh food


 Marissa is helping us behind the scenes. She shops for fresh food and supplies to keep us going. Thanks Marz! 

Restaurant needs kitchen help.


 Liz joined us to help out in the kitchen. She is not scared to work and is saving for her dreams.